Plats – Mains

£7.95 as a starter

£12.95 as a main course with French fries

Moules Marinières à la crème
Mussels cooked in a cream onion, celery, basil, herbs, white wine & cream

Moules à l’Ail
Moules Marinières with garlic

Moules à la Provençale
Mussels cooked in tomato, onion, basil, celery & peppers

Poulet Farci
Parma ham wrapped Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, carrot and ricotta cheese. Topped with mushroom sauce and served with garlic mash


Classic French chicken casserole with smoked bacon, mushroom, carrot and shallots. Cooked in thyme, garlic and rich red wine sauce. Served with sautéed potatoes


Bœuf Bourguignon
French beef stew with Burgundy wine, carrots, mushrooms and shallots. Served with mash potatoes


Entrecôte grillée
Chargrilled rib eye steak served with French fries and a choice of sauces:
Peppercorn Salt, Roquefort Cheese & St.Emilion sauce, Diane sauce (cognac, shallots & mushrooms), Garlic and parsley butter
(Served with potato dauphinoise instead of fries for an extra £1)


Steak d’Agneau au Romarin
Grilled lamb steak with red wine & rosemary sauce. Served with sautéed potatoes


Civet de Lapin à la Française
Rabbit casserole wih tarragon, mushroom, carrot, onion and Dijon mustard sauce. Served with potato purée


Jarret de Porc
Braised shin of pork with red wine, honey, pickle onion and balsamic. Served with potato purée


Confit de Canard
Pan fried confit duck leg on a bed of sautéed spinach. Served with port & blackcurrant sauce and sautéed potatoes


Saucisses de Toulouse
Traditional grilled Toulouse sausages with Dijon mustard sauce & served with potato purée


Crêpe campagnarde
Pancake with chicken, tomato and mushroom
Add a mixed salad for an extra 70p


Pavé de Saumon à l’aneth
Salmon fillet on a bed of spinach, topped with white wine, cream and dill sauce. Served with new potatoes.


Filets de Bar
Seabass fillets with basil, virgin olive oil and herb dressing. Served with potato purée


Filets de Cabillaud Rôti
Baked cod fillets with sun-dried tomato and cream sauce. Served with leek and potato mash


Crêpe au saumon
Pancake filled with salmon and mushroom. Cooked with cream & tomato sauce
Add a mixed salad for 90p


Crevettes à l’ail
Pan fried king prawns with red chilli, garlic, vodka, olive oil, lemon juice. Served with rice


Salade de saumon grillé
Grilled fresh salmon on a bed of salad with vegetables & olives. Served with toasted walnut bread and pomegranate reduction, olive oil dressing


Aubergine Farcie
Roasted aubergine with spinach, onion, mushrooms and peppers. Topped with warm goat cheese and tomato sauce. Served with rice


Crêpe Gratinée
Fresh asparagus & mushroom pancake with cream and melted cheddar.
Add a mixed salad for an extra 90p


Crêpe Florentine
Pancake with spinach cooked in cream, eggs, onion & topped with melted cheddar
Add a mixed salad for an extra 90p


Salade de Légumes
Grilled asparagus, courgette, aubergine, roasted pepper, new potato, mixed leaves and grilled halloumi cheese, topped with olive oil and pomegranate reduction. Served with toasted walnut bread


Pâtes à la Provençale
Penne pasta with grilled aubergine & courgette. Cooked with tomato, garlic and basil sauce


Mixed vegetables


Sautéed spinach




Mixed salad


Rocket salad with parmesan


Potato Purée


Sautéed Potatoes


French Fries


Potato Dauphinoise